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To begin the process of donating to the collection, fill out the form below so we may contact you to discuss and arrange the donation.


Please include as much information as possible! Feel free to upload images if available. 

Upload File

The Local History Collection is a donation-based collection, which means we rely on our patrons to help us document Roslyn's history. 


Along with providing historical research and resources to the public, we are always looking to build our collection and create a chronologically and culturally inclusive archive of  information pertaining to the Roslyn area. 


Donations to the Local History Collection take all forms. Though photographs and paper documents comprise the bulk of our holdings, the archive includes a diverse collection of local artwork and artifacts that vary from delicate silver baby spoons to heavy plumbing tools.


If you have in your possession items that you think may be relevant to our archive, we would love to know about it! Our current focus is building out the post-WWII era of Roslyn, however items from any time period are welcome for evaluation. In the case of photo donations, we always prefer to receive original prints. If you are not quite ready to let them go, or only have a single copy available, we can create digital scans. 


You can trust that donating to the Local History Collection ensures that all of these historic treasures are kept safe and preserved for prosperity.


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