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Covid - 19 Community Scrapbook

The Bryant Library Local History Collection wishes to collect and preserve the history of the Roslyn community during Covid-19. Our aim is to create a special collection of analog and digital material that will document the experiences of members of the greater Roslyn community as they live through this historic period.


Whether you are a first responder or medical professional, a teacher or supermarket employee, your stories are important. Just as researchers today depend on the resources of the Collection to learn about life in Roslyn in decades past, future generations will look to the materials we collect now to learn about and understand how Roslynites experienced this historic moment.

As patrons of the library, we need your help with a very special project. You can contribute to the Bryant Library Covid-19 Community Scrapbook by tagging #BryantScrapbook in an Instagram or Facebook image that fits our weekly theme. All entries will become a part of the Collection and preserved for posterity to document this historic time.

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