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COllectiOns InVentORy


Account Book Collection, 1814-1915

Business and personal account books and ledgers, most from Roslyn. 


Air National Guard Station/ East Hills Park Records, 1996-2004 

Correspondence, reports and brochures concerning the Inc. Village of East Hills purchase of the Roslyn Air National Guard Station and plans to convert the property into “The Park at East Hills.”


American Legion James A. Lyons Post Records, 1918-1930    

Documents and newspaper clippings from an official American Legion scrapbook donated to the Library in 2003. Included are documents related to the death of James A. Lyons, a list of service records of Roslyn World War I veterans, and various certificates and citations. A photocopied facsimile of the scrapbook is included in the Clipping Collection.


Art Collection

Original oil paintings, water colors and prints by local artists, many depicting Roslyn scenes. 


Artifact Collection

Historical artifacts created by local businesses and organizations for promotional or commemorative purposes.



Bogart Family Papers, 1732-1930

Family papers donated by H. Bogart Seaman (1911-1975). Included are letters, account books, receipts, indentures, bills of sale, legal papers, licenses, wills and estate papers, maps, bonds, military papers, inventories, poetry manuscripts, genealogy, and memorabilia pertaining to members of the Bogart family of Roslyn, including Daniel Bogart (1787-1861), Daniel Bogart (1820-1896), Dr. Joseph H. Bogart (1846-1926), and Elbert H. Bogart (1811-1897). 


Bryant Family Papers, 1794-1878

Documents pertaining to William Cullen Bryant and family, including wife Frances (Fairchild) Bryant, daughter Julia Bryant, and members of the Godwin and Goddard families. other family members. Included are letters, manuscripts, deeds, leases, agreements, accounts, lists, obituaries, and family genealogy. 


Bryant Library Records, 1878-2016

Records of the library from its establishment in 1878.


Business Records Collection, 1930-1959

Records of local businesses including certificates of business and business discontinuance.



Christopher Morley Knothole Association Records, 1959-1976

Early organizational records of the Christopher Morley Knothole Association, organized in 1959 to preserve “The Knothole,” the writing studio of author and journalist Christopher Morley (1890-1957) as a literary landmark and memorial to Morley.  


Clipping Collection, 1852-present

Newspaper clippings, articles, and other items pertaining to Roslyn individuals and history. 


Council for Community Preservation Records, 1955-1968

Correspondence, memoranda, reports, clippings, booklets, articles, flyers, petitions, photographs, and legal documents concerning community opposition to plans to build an incinerator and dump on Hempstead Harbor.



Diary Collection, 1849-1885

Thirty-three volumes kept by sisters Anna Onderdonk, 1849-1885, and Maria Onderdonk, 1851-1858 along with transcriptions, describing domestic chores, social activities, and travels; one volume kept by Dr. D.B. Whitney, 1869;  and one volume kept by Rev. Samuel F. Johnson of Amagansett, Long Island, 1852. 


Dugan Family Papers, 1847-1920

Correspondence, diaries, account books and other documents relating to the family of Samuel Dugan (1813-1881), a local stone mason and carpenter. 



Eastman, Henry W. Papers, 1842-1890

Documents created or collected by Henry W. Eastman, a local attorney and founder of the Roslyn Savings Bank, including personal items relating to Henry W. Eastman and members of his immediate and extended family and documents created during Eastman’s practice of law in Roslyn between 1853 and 1882. 



GAR (Grand Army of the Republic) Elijah Ward Post #654 Records, 1862-1938

Minute books, letters, and other documents pertaining to the Roslyn post of the GAR, formed by Roslyn veterans of the Civil War. 


Hechler Family Papers, 1897-1997

Personal papers collected by members of the Hechler family, including Charles H. Hechler (1881-1962) his wife, Catherine Hauhart Hechler (1880-1976), sons Charles (1912-1995) and Kenneth W. (1914-2016). Charles H. Hechler was superintendent of "Harbor Hill," the Roslyn estate of Clarence H. Mackay from 1907-1938. Collection includes correspondence and other records relating to the operation of the C. H. Mackay estate, and documents relating to civic and political activities.



Mackay Family Scrapbook Collection, 1898-1924

Fifty scrapbooks containing newspaper clippings pertaining to the business, political, social, and cultural lives of John William Mackay, Marie Louise Hungerford Mackay, Clarence H. Mackay, and Katherine Duer Mackay. Collection has been microfilmed. 


Map and Atlas Collection, 1675-1998

Maps and atlases focusing on Roslyn, Town of North Hempstead, Nassau and Queens counties, dating primarily from the 19th and 20th centuries. 


Moger, George F. Papers, 1907-1917

Personal records and business correspondence created by Roslyn residents George F. Moger and his wife, Edna I. Moger. 


Moger, Roy W. Papers, 1958-1980

Personal and professional records of Roy W. Moger (1907-1990), a lifelong Roslyn resident, Roslyn Public Schools teacher, Roslyn Village Trustee, and civic leader. 


Monestel, Hazel (Woodin) Papers, 1898-1968 

Ephemera and other items collected by Hazel W. Monestel (1891-1986), a lifelong Roslyn resident who taught kindergarten in Roslyn Public Schools between 1920 and 1968. 


Morley, Christopher D. Collection, 1920-1957

Books, manuscripts, memorabilia and ephemera written by or collected by American author Christopher D. Morley (1890-1957), who resided in Roslyn Estates between 1920 and 1957. 



Oakley, Helen McKelvey Papers, 1951-1984

Papers pertaining to Oakley’s books on Christopher Morley, THREE HOURS FOR LUNCH and CHRISTOPHER MORLEY ON LONG ISLAND, including research notes, manuscripts, and correspondence.



Pearsall Family Digital Collection

Collection of digitized photos, documents, and ephemera pertaining to the Eugene and Marcellena Pearsall family. 

Perlman, Norma Papers, 1964-1998

Correspondence and subject files created by Norma Perlman (1917-2011) during her tenure on the Bryant Library Board of Trustees between 1964 and 1979, and as founder and President of the Friends of Bryant Library.


Pickering, William H. Photography Collection

A collection of over 400 original photographic images taken by local photographer William H. Pickering during the first quarter of the twentieth century. Copy prints of many images are part of the Photograph Collection.


Photograph Collection

Original photographs and photoprints of people, places, and events in Roslyn, NY, dating primarily from 1890 to 1940. Includes images by local photographer, William H. Pickering, and glass plate negatives by Jacob Sutton Mott and Rachel Hicks. 


Postcard Collection

Postcards of Roslyn views, streets, and buildings. 



Radigan, John J. Papers 

Twenty-eight handwritten and indexed notebooks created by local historian John J. Radigan (1869-1949), a resident of Roslyn Heights. Includes transcriptions of Town Records, news articles and book chapters documenting the history of Roslyn, Hempstead Harbor, St. Mary’s Church in Roslyn, as well as family and local history.  


Ramsauer Family Papers, 1900-1999 

Papers pertaining to the family of local plumber Edward Ramsauer (1879-1951) and his wife, Katherine (1883-1976), who resided at 44 East Broadway, Roslyn between 1905 and 1957, including scrapbooks, diplomas and certificates, programs, and artifacts. 


Record Book Collection, 1852-1902

Minute and record books of local organizations, including the Roslyn Landing Association, 1852-1893; the Roslyn Presbyterian Sabbath School, 1890-1891; the Ladies Aid Society of the Roslyn Methodist Episcopal Church, 1896-1902; and Methodist Church of Roslyn, Seeringtown [Searingtown],Cow Bay Charge, 1861-1875.


Roslyn Cemetery Internment Records, 1861-1984

Notebooks containing photocopies of interment record cards kept by the Roslyn Cemetery, 1861-1984, giving location, plot, owner, and deceased for burials back to 1896; and microfilm of the original record cards. Originals are at the Roslyn Cemetery. 


Roslyn Grist Mill Records, 1850-1877

Thirty bound volumes including daybooks, sales records, ledgers, and cashbooks from the grist mill run by Benjamin Hicks and his brothers.


Roslyn Grist Mill Association Records, 1936-1976

Financial records, minutes of the Board of Trustees, correspondence, museum inventory, and appraisal. The grist mill ceased operation in 1916. It was given to a group of trustees who operated the mill as a museum and a tea house until 1976, when ownership transferred to Nassau County.


Roslyn Neighborhood Association Records, 1914-1952

Correspondence, minutes, legal papers, financial records, and reports pertaining to the organization’s activities on behalf of the Roslyn community.


Roslyn Visiting Nurse Association Records, 1914-1969

Formed in 1912 as Roslyn District Nursing Association, the organization was chartered by New York State in 1951 and changed its name to Roslyn Visiting Nurse Association. Includes minutes, annual reports, and scrapbooks. 



Scrapbook Collection

Scrapbooks created by individuals and organizations, many including newspaper clippings about local events and activities. 


Stephen Speedling Business and Family Papers, 1858-1936 

Business records created by Roslyn, NY carpenter and builder Stephen Speedling (1835-1922) and personal documents pertaining to members of the Speedling family. The majority were donated to the Bryant Library by Stewart Donaldson, Speedling’s great grandson. 


Stone House Press Collection

Books, chapbooks, and broadsides printed by the Stone House Press, as well as ephemera such as announcements, advertisements and printed keepsakes. The Stone House Press was operated by Morris Gelfand (1908-1998) in the basement of the Stone House (ca. 1855) formerly on the estate of William Cullen Bryant in Roslyn Harbor.


Wilson, Junius P., Jr. Papers, 1950-1975

Correspondence and subject files created by Roslyn Estates resident Junius P. Wilson, Jr. during his tenure as counsel to the Bryant Library from the early 1950s through the mid-1970s. 



Yearbook Collection

Copies of Roslyn High School (1925 to present) and Roslyn Junior High/Middle School (1963-2009) yearbooks.

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