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The Magic of the Old Mill

Originally presented as a joint virtual program by the Bryant Library and the Roslyn Landmark Society that was held via Zoom on May 25th, The Magic of the Old Mill highlights an important piece of Roslyn history.

Created and produced by Carol Clarke and Ariel Morabito of The Bryant Library Local History Collection, this short film focuses on the Roslyn Gristmill during its time as a teahouse and restaurant.

Featuring selections from our Everyday Voices oral history collection, the individuals that can be heard in the presentation include Alice Titus, the Teahouse proprietor, her friend, and lifelong Roslyn resident, Eda Seaman, and Peter Lynch, who grew up in Roslyn and worked on the crew that was hired to repair the mill wheel.

We invite you to screen the video either below or on The Bryant Library's Youtube Channel.


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