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The Labor Tradition of Old Roslyn

Labor Day Weekend is swiftly approaching, which reminds us at the Local History Collection of the industrial robustness that we associate with Roslyn's history, especially in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Our Ads of The Past digital exhibit shows great evidence of this through its many advertisements for goods and services, including those that employed manual labor such as the waterside lumberyards of Conklin, Tubby, Conklin as well as the Hicks brothers.

1864 photo of the"Highlander" Schooner with lumberyard owner J.D. Hicks seated on a pile of wood.

Indeed, the proud work of those who contributed to the town's identity as a center for the industry shows through many of the accounts and experiences represented in our collection.

Roslyn News ad from 1912 for the Conklin, Tubby, Conklin lumberyard.

By commemorating the hard work performed by physical laborers in Roslyn's various industries, from the waterside lumberyards to the Old Gristmill to the Hempstead Harbor sand mines, we highlight the historical significance of manual labor and respect for its role in shaping the town’s history.

Happy Labor Day from The Bryant Library Local History Collection!


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