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The Centennial Scavenger Hunt

The Local History Collection has put together a Centennial Scavenger Hunt which encourages patrons to learn about the history of our library's building: The Roslyn War Memorial. Rich with interesting architectural features, this now-100-year-old building offers up ten key items to find on the hunt with two bonus items that can be found in Gerry Park.

To learn more about the hunt, visit the Adult Reference desk to pick up the specially-designed Centennial Scavenger Hunt card which contains directions for completing the activity. You will also find on the card a QR code which when scanned brings participants to this page on our site where they can enjoy a deeper look at the items on the hunt.

***Special prizes will be awarded to all who take the time to participate!***

We hope you enjoy this activity and encourage your feedback as always, either via our contact form or by emailing You can also send us a DM on Facebook or Instagram!


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