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Puzzle Pieces: The Art of George Bobek

For National Puzzle Month, we featured a digital puzzle of a Roslyn-themed collage that was created by our Local History staff. We were delighted to receive feedback on our puzzle from many of our patrons, including Mrs. Mina Bobek. Mina’s late husband, George Bobek, is one of our favorite local artists whose work adorns the library’s walls, and whose painting of the the Ellen E. Ward Clocktower was part of the collage puzzle.

Bobek’s dreamy watercolor landscapes paint Roslyn in its greatest glory. In a review of the artist’s October 1975 exhibition at The Bryant Library, Dr. Malcolm H. Preston describes Bobek’s painting technique as “loose, wet, sometimes bold and almost always picturesque.”

The subjects of his works include treasured local landmarks, beautiful historic houses, natural settings, and other notable Long Island sites. Several of these can be found on our digital puzzle page, along with the works of other Roslyn-area artists.

Following his show at the library, Bobek exhibited his works at the Studio 5 Gallery, located above the East Village’s famous Phebe’s Tavern. Promotional materials for the show that reside in The Local History Collection provide insightful biographical information about the artist:

To honor his work and the legacy of his talent, we’re featuring the full-size puzzle of Bobek’s painting of the Clocktower, which is perhaps the most recognizable structure in Roslyn. Click the painting below to access the puzzle interface which works on both desktop and mobile devices. You can change the amount of pieces, work on only the edges, and increase the difficulty with rotating pieces. Further instructions can be seen on the puzzle page.

We thank Mina Bobek for her wonderful comments and appreciate being able to share these works with all of our patrons!

Are you a fan of our digital puzzles? Let us know by filling out our contact form!


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