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MORley'S COrreSpOndence

As a writer, Morley's talent extended to his personal correspondence, especially the letters and notes he wrote to his friend William S. Hall. A member of Morley's "Three Hours for Lunch Club" and co‐founder with Morley of the Sherlock Holmesian society the Baker Street Irregulars, Hall was the proprietor of W. S. Hall & Co., a firm of export sales representatives in Europe of major American publishers. He was also a contributor to the Saturday Review, authored several books, and served as Morley's literary executor.

In his letters to Hall, Morley often embellished his salutations with superlatives such as "Magnificent Old Bill". His notes to Hall, and to others with whom he corresponded, were often adorned with small drawings and sketches and featured abbreviated language similar to today's shortened text message speak.


When reading these various letters and notes, Morley's idiosyncratic writing style is noticeably amplified with a sense of casual familiarity. In many examples, his eccentricities are on full display while others communicate a more subdued yet no less curious narrative.  While our collection contains a sizable volume of Morley correspondence, we have digitized a small selection that can be viewed  below:    

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